What is it all about?

Clueless landlord? What’s going on?

The idea for the blog came to me with an inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk’s (IG: @garyvee) book “Crushing It!”. There’s no actual reason for not sharing my experience with the community once I’m going through the journey, most of my potential readers went through, are going through or, hopefully, will be motivated to go through.

Okay, I don’t understand anything.  Journey? What? 

Alright, let me start from the beginning. 

My name is Ian. I was born in Ukraine in the early ’90s. Moved to the US when I was 19 with my wife (girlfriend at that time). I am a real estate investor and entrepreneur (I promise you we’ll laugh about it later).

About 7-6 months ago I finished reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (IG: @therealkiyosaki). I was absolutely fascinated by the concept of making money work for myself instead of working for my money. When I understood that the idea of retiring at 45 instead of 65 is brilliant and definitely achievable. That’s pretty much where the journey began.

Somewhere in the middle of the book, I realized that I have so many “I can’t…“, “I won’t be able to…“, “That’s now for me” and other phrases in my head that I was telling myself for the first 25 years of my life. For some reason, I always had a block for business. I didn’t understand what it is. I was always saying “that’s for someone else, it’s not for me“. However, I didn’t have any strong feelings about investing, simply due to 0% knowledge of anything investing-related. 

That’s when I realized, that if I don’t plan to work for someone else, there’s something else for me other than doing business. So I started digging until I found real estate investing.

I am a Software Engineer in Test, so I had a stable income stream from my work. Right that time I decided to borrow some money from my parents and buy a real estate property. Long story short, 3 months later I bought a nice 2-unit building where we are renting out the other apartment.

I’m getting bored. What do you want here? Why this blog?

Okay, okay, I’ll be brief. 

Right after I bought my place I figured out that business is not as bad either and now that I have a couple more years until I buy the next property, I can actually spend then doing something more active.

I invested about $6K into Amazon FBA project and several Shopify Stores. So far I do not have any returns from my business projects, however, I am getting a $1350+/m in passive income from my tenants. 

Why this blog?

  • I want to share my progress
  • I want to network with you
  • I want to make mistakes so you can avoid them
  • I want to bring people together, young and old so everyone can achieve their dreams

All I really want is that I have at least 1 person who might be inspired by this and changes his life like I am changing mine.

So, let’s say I subscribed. Now what?

 I hope that you participate, add me on Social and hopefully keep in touch if you need some help, inspiration or suggestions.

I’ll be sharing some past experiences, my fails, my profits, my L’s, etc. I really believe that there are other dudes and dudettes like me, who are in their 20th and 30th and have no fucking idea what they are doing with their lives. I am figuring this shit out and hope you will too. So just join me for now and drop some comment, and we’ll go from there, m’kay?

P.S. I’m an amateur photographer, so instead of putting some random stock photos, I’ll just be posting my shots as a post headers and stuff simply because there are no better use for then anyway.

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