Selling digital product Online for profit with potentially reasonable ROI? (part 1)

Doing what, pardon? 

No, my dad’s friend’s mom told me to sell photos online. When I was like, 13. In Ukraine. Bitch, I don’t even have money for new shoes, what the fuck are you talking about selling photos online?

This was way before I knew what passive income means. What I knew was my love to taking snaps on my camera. Not making pictures, but literally just photographing shit around me. Don’t care about composition, don’t care about lighting. DON’T CARE, just want to take pictures. And this was perfect for selling stock photos. I will go in details about different stock photos websites in later posts. 

Honestly speaking, an interesting channel, Dreamframer Arts, motivated me a lot. I was one of his first subscribers, 2 years ago and I remember chatting with him asking for an advice, and he was very kind to help me, so shout out to Dreamframer Arts.

Because I had 400-500 photos of random stuff in my archives, it was literally a 0-down investment. All I did is added hashtags to them and started uploading on every Stock Photos websites I could find. With that, I started producing more pictures, learning a few tricks with the uploading and editing and something like 3 months later I heard my first “cha-ching 💵” notification for $0.25 sale.

My head was through the roof. Mostly because that was the first time in my life feeling of selling something you created yourself all the ways through. 

Will continue in part 2.

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