Selling digital product Online for profit with potentially reasonable ROI? (part 2)

I started making some money from it. Literally 1-2 sales a day on Shutterstock and another sale on Adobe Stock. So I decided to invest.

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After I saw some progress, I decided to learn more about photography, was taking a bunch of online classes on, reading a lot of material and watching all YouTube bloggers I could find. I learned some more about lenses and bodies, about light and composition, while I kept learning and improving my photos stocks portfolio.

Next thing you know, I’m making several bucks a month:

2016. Started uploading my photos sometimes about August-September I guess. Got first 5 sales in November, which made be $1.25.

Shutterstock 2016 sales

Adobe 2016 sales

In 2017 I decided to scale a bit when my wife bough me a light-box for my Birthday or something. It exposed me to a variety of product photography gigs that I could have taken. However, every time I had a real deal waiting for my OKay, I turned it down because of different reasons. Now, that’s a big problem for a lot of people when they can’t put the final signature, the last approval on anything that will get them out their comfort zone. However, I used the lightbox to keep photographing random shit. By the way, those photos from the light-box were the most profitable.

Shutterstock 2017 sales
Adobe 2017 sales

You can see that I could do on average $50 a month on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. I was so excited, although I knew that this is just the beer money. I could have make it a profitable business, I guess, but I hate editing part as much as I love actually taking pictures. That’s why I tried to chose quantity over quality and was adding more and more mediocre photos to my collections.

Shutterstock 2018 sales

Adobe 2018 sales

2018 was relatively okay for me, however, since I started doing more and more investment and business gigs, I simply had no time to contribute more to photo stocks. You can see that Shutterstock sales didn’t stop since June (when I stopped uploading), however Adobe sales fell pretty low in 2018. Which is okay, I would love to provide more content there, but I can’t waste time on editing 700 photos a day.

So, was it worth it? Find out in part 3.

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