Hold on, hold on… Just like that, huh? Just from getting a notification that Eminem shares 2 hours full-length film on YouTube? It better be good…

This won’t be long, because I need to get this out of my chest. 

This is the next Tarantino. This is the Hitchcock.

Joseph Kahn (IG: @JosephKahn) is an absolute master of controlling watcher’s attention and watcher’s emotions. God fucking dammit.

Just released today, this absolute cinematographic phenomenon of 2018, movie “Bodied” just officially became one of my favorite movies ever. For me, this will be on the same niche with “Pulp Fiction”, “Snatch”, and other over-edited fountains of rage and awkwardness and laughter that you re-watch over again till the rest of your lives.

On a first glance, this movie is not going to be for everyone. Seriously? A movie about Battle rap? When do you plan to grow up?

Not this time. This movie is the message. This movie is the conversation starter on topics that are sometimes so socially awkward that you rarely hear even comedians making fun of. 

The story is straightforward – a recap of Eminem’s early career in a modern KOTD environment. It looked like Marshall himself contributed to the writing of the battles, since about 40% of the movie is an actual battle rap, and it was A-fucking-MAZING.

If you like poetry and obviously if you like hip-hop, that would be that roller-coaster of emotions that will make you re-watch the whole thing the very next day.


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