One reason why you should start really thinking about retirement in your twenties.

What if I told you that you MUST MUST MUST have thought about your retirement yesterday even if you are still a college kid (or young professional, or even 50 years old dude)?

Before I go on my rant, let me just to quickly recap the first post in this blog, and write a little bit about myself.

I am 25 years old kid who just discovered the world of endless opportunities. At this time, as I’m writing this, I have started 3 unprofitable businesses and one profitable real estate deal. I spent the last 8 months non-stop bashing the wall of my own personal problems with my own head. I am trying my best to break out of 9-5 work routine and start just living life instead of wasting it in the office.

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Although you probably should not take any advice from me whatsoever if you at least 2% smart and already know what you are doing, I’m writing it for any kid who is even dumber than me but has an open mind on how things work. 

I cannot show you my seven-digits sales or a Lambo to prove that I’m right, but I will highly advise to just trust me on this.

There is one single reason why you should think about your retirement if you fresh out of college or university, or you working on your first job. Fuck it, you might be 55 years old lady and you might still find it valuable:

Your retirement might be closer than you think.

Let me explain.

When I first started learning more about a passive income, my first instinct was to start building a real estate portfolio. I listened to a TONS of people, read some books and did a fuckload of math around it. The general consensus was that if your real estate gig the right way – you can retire in just 15-20 years.

Realizing this fact quickly fucked me up. It’s hard when you have parents and friends who don’t even know there are other, more efficient live flows than “college -> university -> job -> retirement”. Unless you figured it out on your own or being raised with the entrepreneurial set of mind, you will spend all your life expecting that promotion, saving money for that beautiful single-family 3-1 house, keeping up with the Joneses and worrying that your manager might fire you and you lose that all at once.

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However, once I get a general idea and understood that 65 is not the age I retire from my potential job, that I already hate in advance. Instead, I figure out how I can hustle myself 20 years. 20 ADDITIONAL FUCKING YEARS OF MY LIFE when I don’t need to wake up by the alarm, get dressed, make my coffee and get my ass in a train to get to my corner desk at my stupid fucking job.

But wait. Here’s a twist.

And the twist is that I still need to work 20 years while I am building your real estate empire. That’s 20 more years at that fucking job. What do you do about that? You just saved yourself 20 years by committing to something big, like buying real estate and renting it for profit, but now you realize that 20 more years of managers that you will have, 20 more years of staying in traffic every morning, listening to gangsta rap music about selling drugs, killing people and fucking bitches on your way to your 9-5 work in accounting department so you can sit 20 more years on the same desk that you share with Martha (what a bitch). 

And it will be obvious to my current subscribers, but I hope this dumb article can reach one single kid who hates his job as much as I hate mine:

You don’t need to wait even 20 years to retire.

What if I told you that you need to think about your retirement because you CAN retire in 5 years? Or maybe in 2? Fuck, if you are lucky enough, you can retire next month.

And no, this post is not the answer to all your questions, but it is just a basic push to someone who still didn’t get it. The idea is simple:

The less money you are making right now and the less shit you pay for right now – the faster you will retire. And if you are a college kid who still lives with your parents and don’t even work yet – you can retire literally today.

All you need to do is to figure out how much cash you need a month so you can physically survive and create a set of passive income streams to cover your costs. You will obviously need to maintain and scale them, which means you will need to do work, but you need to remember that WORK ≠ JOB.

And yes, I’m talking about businesses. And no, this post is not teaching you how to do it. I write this just to place a seed in your mind. All I want to do here is to tell you these simple points:

  1. You will not need to work until you 65. You can retire in 19. 
  2. It will require hard work and a lot of learning
  3. It will not be easy
  4. You can and you will do it

I am working on my early retirement and I don’t see myself working in my 6-digits office in 2020. I would rather have $20 grand passive and eat free church meals, but there’s no way I won’t leverage the absolutely free access to all the endless information of how to start businesses online and how to invest money to generate passive income streams.

I gotta wrap this up, but I will continue in a next post.

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